Reading RFID tags ISO15693 13.56 MHz using STM32F1 + CR95HF Easy export data out UART and LCD

    Posts user guide made the application reading code and RFID tag data according to ISO/IEC 15693 standard export data out UART and display LCD using STM32F1 board and CR95HF Easy board of the AT-COM.

       1/ STM32F1 Easy


      STM32F1 Easy is designed product by AT-COM that gives users the conveniences when combining between ATCBus with the microcontroller family is ARM 32-bit Cortex ™ -M3 CPU Core. The board is equipped with an STM32F107RCT6 microcontroller with 256KB Flash, 20 Kbytes SRAM, processing speed up to 72MHz. The board supports to connect with the computer via USB Full Speed v2.0, with a USB HID Bootloader that allows users to directly load the firmware to the microcontroller without any other programming kit. In addition, the Dual ATCBus Host Socket design maximizes the microcontroller's resources with SPI, UART, I2C, PWM, and so on. It meets the requirements of programmers who deploy applications like GSM, GPRS, GPS, Wifi, Ethernet, USB, CAN, PWM ... 

        2/ CR95HF Easy



    CR95HF Easy is a RFID application development board designed and manufactured by AT-COM that allows users to add their RFID applications. Board integrated transceiver chip CR95HF 13.56MHz frequency and antenna design directly on the PCB, supports ISO / IEC 14443 Type A / B, ISO / IEC 15693 and ISO / IEC 18092. CR95HF Easy communication with Microcontrollers through UART interface (TXD, RXD) and SPI interface (MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS) on the ATCBus header. The board is designed with a 3.3V power supply, with a power LED, operating with a RFID tag or a 13.56MHz identity card. Ideal for protection or tracking systems that need RFID support. CR95HF Easy offers an entirely new design style, experience the great "Plug and Play" feature with AT-COM's Easy Boards.

       3/ Application reading code and RFID tag data according to ISO/IEC 15693 standard export out UART and display LCD

       To implement the application we perform the following steps:

           Step 1: Prepare

                   •   Hardware: 

                                           + Board STM32F1 Easy.

                                           + Board CR95HF Easy.

                                           + Board switch LCD to ATC Bus.

                                           + LCD 16x2.

                                           + Tag RFID ISO/IEC 15693.

                   •   Software: 

                                           + USB HID Bootloader.

           Step 2: Hardware connection

                  •   UID code and the data read in the tag were exported up LCD and UART 1 of STM32F1 Easy.

                  •   The UART 1 of STM32F1 Easy has PA10 respective RxD and PA9 respective TxD of UART 1.

       •   For the output data LCD need board switch LCD to ATCBus to connect LCD 16x2 with STM32F1 Easy. Board switch LCD to ATCBus there have been no product so users can rely on the principle of the diagram below to connect as required.

       •   The LCD converter circuit to ATC Bus.

              •  Connect CR95HF Easy to ATCBus Socket 1 of the STM32F1 Easy, connect board switch LCD to ATCBus to ATCBus Socket 2 and then mounted LCD 16x2 on.

       Step 3: Load application code for STM32F1 Easy

        Source code STM32F1 Easy presentation in the article using the Keil ARM compiler for STM32F107RCT6 microcontroller. The code was written according to the USB HID Bootloader of STM32F1 Easy. Can download source code in the product STM32F1 Easy ( STM32F1 Easy_CR95HF Easy demo code).

      •  To load the code for STM32F1 Easy we use USB HID Bootloader software, Download the software in the product STM32F1 Easy, after you download to your computer, extract the winrar file and click the USB HID Bootloader.exe to run USB Bootloader program on your computer.

      •  After opening the USB HID Bootloader program you connect STM32F1 Easy board with the computer through mini USB, within 5 seconds you click Connect to put microcontroller into Bootloader mode. If in 5 seconds you don't press the Connect button the microcontroller will run on earlier application program has been loaded, then you press the RESET button on the board STM32F1 Easy deals on back to Bootloader mode.

      •  When the USB HID Bootloader software and STM32F1 Easy connect successfully, you click Browse and select the path to where the file archive .hex.

       •   After selecting the file to load .hex, you click Open to load the program file.

         • Then click Download to software load the program into the microcontroller.

       • When the program is loaded successfully, the software will automatically Reset the microcontroller and run the application program has been loaded.

      4/ Make reading the code and RFID tag data according to ISO/IEC 15693 standard export data out UART and display LCD

         • After the loading of code and configuration is successful the system will display on the LCD: "CR95HF Handled".

         • When putting RFID tags ISO/IEC 15693 near the antenna (a distance of 4.5-5 cm) of CR95HF Easy, on the LCD screen will display the UID code and data (if available).

         • The data is also exported to the UART 1 of STM32F1 Easy


        5/ Video demo



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