• Relay TAKAMISAWA RY5W-K for load line up to 2A/ 24VDC, 1A/ 120VAC.
• Led shows ON/OFF status of Relay.
• ATCBus Header output.
• Can pin option control Relay via resistor.
• Used Voltage: 5 VDC
• Control Voltage: 1.8 – 5 VDC
• Can Floor transplant allow to control multiple Relay Easy boards.
• Terminal Header with output normally open, normally closed.
• Dimension: 36 x 52.7 mm.
• Support design library for Altium, Eagle, Orcad.
• Support sample code for Arduino UNO.

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    1. Introduction to RELAY Easy

    RELAY Easy by AT-COM is designed and manufactured in the Easy Board series designed to integrate two TAKAMISAWA RY5W-K relays as well as terminals header and is connected to the microcontroller board via ATCBus. On board have Led shows ON/OFF status of each relay. The board is designed with an input power of 5VDC, but the control voltage for the relay is extended to between 1.8V and 5V. In particular, RELAY Easy boards can be cascaded and with the number of ATCBus pins the user can independently control up to 14 relays. Besides that, with its compact size, convenient data output, RELAY Easy will bring you the most modern and refined design inspiration.

    2. Design Diagram of RELAY Easy

    3. Features of RELAY Easy

  •     RELAY Easy uses TAKAMISAWA RY5W-K relay with optimized design for currents up to 2A/24VDC, 1A/120VAC.
  •     Power supply for RELAY Easy is 5VDC is supplied via +5V pins and GND pin on ATCBus.

  •     However, the control voltage for the relay is in the range of 1.8V - 5V. The control pins are located on all ATCBus I/O pins divided into 2 sequences: CONTROL RL1, CONTROL RL2.
           - CONTROL RL1 has 7 I/O pins for Relay control, users select one pin control Relay 1 according to the application that you need and 0Ω resistor (size 0603) in the same position.

             * Note: Only one position in the CONTROL RL1 range is welded with a 0Ω resistor to avoid duplicate control pins.

           - CONTROL RL2 Range: The selection of the control pin for the CONTROL RL2 range is similar to the CONTROL RL1 range.

  •  With choosing control pins flexible that allow users to pair multiple RELAY Easy boards together. Allows the user to independently control up to 14 relays.
  • RELAY Easy can be paired with ATCBus enabled boards for great Plug and Play applications.


    4. Dimension of RELAY Easy

    5. Demo application

Device control and monitoring via GSM


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